Center for Mineral Resources Science


[The Research Group]

The Center for Mineral Resources Science brings together the expertise of eight active academic and research staff members. With approximately 50 graduate students, the research group is one of the largest of its kind in the United States.


To undertake and promote high quality, field- and laboratory-based, collaborative research on crustal processes and environments of mineral deposit formation, and to educate and train highly qualified personnel for careers in the mining industry, academia, or government.

[Graduate Programs]

Education of geologists for positions within the minerals industry has been a hallmark of the Colorado School of Mines since its inception. Our graduate program in economic geology focuses on an integration of both traditional descriptive and genetic understanding of the broad geological environment of mineralization. This approach provides training for individuals to contribute to the full range of minerals industry's activities: exploration, development, production, environmental planning, and management, as well as to government service and academia.

[Links with other Departments]

Besides interactions with the faculty delivering the graduate program, students also have the opportunity to broaden their appreciation of mineral deposits geology and its role in society through both formal and informal contact with professionals from the allied departments of mining engineering, economics and business, geophysics, chemistry and geochemistry, and metallurgical and materials engineering. Many graduate students supplement their graduate coursework with offerings from these programs.

[Research Areas]

Research undertaken at the Center for Mineral Resources Science includes basic and applied research in the following focus areas: igneous petrology and magma genesis, volcanic environments and hydrothermal systems, sedimentary processes and mineral resources, mountain building and deformation, exploration geochemistry and isotopic tracers, as well as ore petrography and geometallurgy.


Graduate student research studies cover a wide range of deposit types and ages throughout the world. We are always looking for motivated individuals direct from university or from private industry who are looking to increase their knowledge and expertise in economic geology. Outstanding students with a keen interest in the research areas mentioned above are invited to apply for our graduate degree programs.



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