Graduate Course Offerings

The graduate degree programs offered at the Department of Geology and Geological Engineering require completion of a certain amount of graduate course work. The course work aims to provide students with an opportunity to expand their knowledge base in economic geology and related fields through an intensive teaching program that includes theoretical and applied aspects. Courses given as part of the Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programs also introduce students to the basics of geoscience research, from the formulation of a thesis problem to its solution. Students can choose from highly attractive curricula in economic geology, petrology, and structural geology.
In addition, students have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge on mineral resources and their extraction through participation in courses delivered in the allied departments of mining engineering, economics and business, geophysics, chemistry and geochemistry, metallurgical and materials engineering, and environmental sciences and engineering.
We are proud to offer one of the best field training programs in North America aimed at extending students' knowledge of ore deposits and their regional and local geological settings. Education in the field forms a key part of our graduate degree programs and a wide range of short field trips to sites in Colorado and the US are offered as part of our regular graduate courses. In addition, several graduate courses specifically focus on training in the field take students to major mining districts in the US, Canada, and overseas.

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