Dr. Murray Hitzman

Murray Hitzman


  • Environmental Manager Certificate, George Washington University, 1995
  • Ph.D., Geology, Stanford University, 1983
  • M.S., Geology, University of Washington, 1978
  • A.B., Geology, Dartmouth College, 1976
  • A.B., Anthropology, Dartmouth College, 1976

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Research Interests

  • Basinal hydrothermal systems (sedimentary rock-hosted copper deposits; carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb deposits; non-sulfide Zn deposits).
  • Iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) deposits.
  • Geology of critical element deposits (REE, Te, Ge, In, etc.).
  • Geometallurgy.
  • Links between biological activity and metallic ore deposition.
  • Natural resources policy.


  • CSM 101: Freshman Success
  • ENGY 200: Introduction to Energy
  • GEGN 401: Mineral Deposits
  • GEGN 404: Ore Microscopy
  • GEOL 514: Business of Economic Geology
  • GEOL 515: Advanced Mineral Deposits
  • GEOL 517: Field Methods for Economic Geology
  • GEOL 521: Field and Ore Deposit Geology

List of graduate students and post-doctoral researchers

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Selected Publications

  • Duncan, R., Stein, H., Evans, K., Hitzman, M., Nelson, and Kirwin, D., 2011, A new geochronological framework for mineralization and alteration in the Selwyn-Mount Dore corridor, eastern fold belt, Mt. Isa Inlier, Australia: Genetic implications for iron oxide-copper-gold deposits: Economic Geology, v. 106, p. 169-192.
  • Groves, D.I., Bierlein, F.P., Meinert, L.D., and Hitzman, M.W., 2010, Definition of iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) deposits and proposed associated ore types and their distribution through earth history: Economic Geology, v. 105, p. 641-654.
  • Hitzman, M.W., Selley, D., and Bull, S., 2010, Formation of sediment-hosted stratiform copper deposits through Earth history: Economic Geology, v. 105, p. 627-640.
  • Hitzman, M., Barton, M., Dilles, J., and Boland, M., 2009, Mineral resource geology in academia: An impending crisis?: GSA Today, v. 19, no. 8, p. 26-28.
  • Montiero, L. V.S., Xavier, R.P., Carvalho, E. de R., Hitzman, M.W., Johnson, C.A., Filho, C. R., Torresi, I., 2008, The Sossego iron oxide-copper-gold deposit, Carajas Mineral Province, Brazil: hydrothermal alteration paragenesis and stable isotope constraints on the system evolution: Mineralium Deposita, p. 129-159.
  • Yigit, O., Hofstra, A.H., Hitzman, M.W., and Nelson, E.P., 2006, Geology and geochemistry of jasperoids from the Gold Bar district, Nevada: Mineralium Deposita, v. 41, p. 527-548.
  • Hitzman, M.W. and Valenta, R.K., 2005, Uranium in iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) systems: Economic Geology, v. 100, p. 1657-1661.
  • Hitzman, M.W., Kirkham, R., Broughton, D., Thorson, J., and Selley, D., 2005, The sediment-hosted stratiform copper ore system. in Hedenquist, J. W., Thompson, J.F.H., Goldfarb, R. J., and Richards, J.P, eds., Economic Geology - 100th Anniversary Volume, p. 609-642.
  • Selley, D., Broughton, D., Scott, R., Hitzman, M., Bull, S., Large, R., McGoldrick, P., Croaker, M., Pollington, N. and Barra, F., 2005, A new look at the geology of the Zambian Copperbelt, in Hedenquist, J. W., Thompson, J.F.H., Goldfarb, R. J., and Richards, J.P, eds., Economic Geology - 100th Anniversary Volume, p. 965-1000.
  • Freitag, K., Boyle, A. P., Nelson, E., Hitzman, M., Churchill, J. and Lopez-Pedrosa, M., 2003, The use of electron backscatter diffraction and orientation contrast imaging as tools for sulphide textural studies: example from the Greens Creek deposit (Alaska): Mineralium Deposita, online 1, 1432-1866.
  • Hitzman, M.W., Reynolds, N., Sangster, D.F., Allen, C.R., and Carman, C, 2003, Classification, Genesis, and Exploration Guides for Non-Sulfide Zinc Deposits: Economic Geology, v. 98, p. 685-714.
  • Hitzman, M. W., Beaty, D. W., and Redmond, P., 2002. The carbonate-hosted Lisheen Zn-Pb-Ag deposit, Co. Tipperary, Ireland: Economic Geology, v. 97, p. 1627-1655.
  • Hitzman, M. W., 2002, R&D in a "Declining" Industry (Mining): Support for the Development of Revolutionary Technologies?: Technology in Society, v. 24, no. 1-2, p. 63-68.
  • Hitzman, M. W., Allan, J. R., and Beaty, D.W., 1998, Regional dolomitization of the Waulsortian Limestone in southeastern Ireland: evidence of large-scale fluid flow driven by the Hercynian Orogeny: Geology, v. 26, p. 547-550.
  • Hitzman, M. W. and Beaty. D. W., 1996, The Irish Zn-Pb-(Ba) orefield, in Sangster, D. F., ed., Carbonate-hosted lead-zinc deposits: Society of Economic Geologists, p. 112-143.
  • Hitzman, M. W., Oreskes, N., and Einaudi, M. T., 1992, Geological Characteristics and tectonic setting of Proterozoic iron-oxide (Cu-U-Au-REE) deposits: Precambrian Research, v. 58, p. 241-287.
  • Hitzman, M. W., 1986, Geology of the Ruby Creek copper deposit, southwestern Brooks Range, Alaska: Econ. Geol., v. 81, p. 1644-1674.
  • Hitzman, M. W., Proffett, J. M. Jr., Schmidt, J. M., and Smith, T. E., 1986, Geology and mineralization of the Ambler District, northwestern Alaska: Econ. Geol., v. 81, p. 1592-1618.

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